About The CEO

     Growing up, Anisia always had the desire to be more than what was expected of her. In high school she played soccer, basketball, and was on the track team. She's always had a love for the athletics.

     When it came time for her to decide what college she was going to, she decided to attend the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, pursuing a bachelor's degree in fashion design. Her mindset was "Why sit at somebody else's table when I can make my own?"

     When her sister passed away in 2019, due to high blood pressure, she finally took that step to creating this dream. Her sister made plans for them to workout together, even though she started to lose weight on her own, she never got the chance to have that sister workout opportunity.  Anisia finally took the step to creating that dream.

      Anisia loves all things fitness. From apparel, to inspiring others.  She uses her own journey to connect with others with the understanding of how hard living a healthy lifestyle is.  Anisia wants you to know, Qween isn't just about apparel, it's about loving your body. Be confident in who you are. Take care of the body that you have, and just be-You-tiful.